The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid & Other Imaginary Creatures

Andrew Liles

The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid & Other Imaginary Creatures

Year: 2011
Label: Dirter (DPROMBX86)
Format: 6 x CD Box

Chanelling Tunnel
Thick Thighs Surprise
Decimate (Component Element 7.1)
Water Damaged Crinkle Mag
Denegrate (Component Element Of Part 14)
A Stash Of Gash For Playground Cash
Yet From Another Planet & Not Of This Earth
Dessicate (Component Building Block 4)
Galvanised And Vilified
An Exact Science (In Theory)
The Venemous Shrew Or Sweeping Sooterkins (Version One)

An Ordinary Extraordinary Woman
The Pleasure Tract Or Medial Forebrain Bundle
The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid
In The Bushes Near The Industrial Estate
16 Seconds Of 21
Soft Focus (Long Version)
A Dead Introduction To A Formal Relative
A Musty Smell On Jermyn Street
A Certain Step
Bendict Xv
Steam Shower For Two
DT1 Version 5
The Vinegar Leaked Teat
Razzle Lady Crumbs
DT1 - Version 1
Christmas In Reverse Or A Backwards Birthday
DT Version 4
It's Been So Long I'm Fucked If I Know
O' God Last Night
DT - Version 6
Lovesong (1-10)
Just For Christmas (Slayer Bells)
The Comfortable Illusion Of Meaning

The Big Horizontal
The Last Few Minutes Of A Lonely Life Or Goodbye Mr. Pips
The Frailty Of Equilibrium
Sea Man Or Giordano The Unsuspecting Landlord
A False Sense Of Celestial Well Being
Aural Anagram (Fit For A King Version)
Sulky Sues Plum Pudding
Industrial Science
The Astronomical Entomologist (Long Version)

Wolf Teeth
Leader Of The Pack
Auto Outtake 5
Yes Dear And No Thanks
The Relentlessly Banal Landscape
Auto Outtake 6
The Time Work Management Conundrum
The Venomous Shrew Or Sweeping Sooterkins
Auto Outtake 4
A Formal Introduction To A Dead Relative
Auto Outtake 7
DT2 Version 8
Auto Outtake 3
Black Room
Iron Lung Glass Bones
Moon Tags
DT Volume 4
Quizzical Looks From Behind Cook Books
DT Volume 3
Swamp Things Gonzo Mix
In This Vegetable Glass Of Nature
DT Volume 7
Black Gumbo
Some Women Do Not Love Their Children (Vorsprungdurchtechnikmix)
Keith Tip Toes Across The Abyss Again Or Carpet Sickness
Rumble Tum

Keys, Microwave A Small Burgled Room
Crossed Threshold
Ethereel - Vocoder Mix
Exit Within Exit
Just 17
Liver Sack
Popron Popcorn
Ruby Red Lips Above And Below
Skobniki - Zavo Mix
Spectrum Colour Signifier
Taxi! ICU
The Mind As An Engine - Original Mix
Alternate Unworlds Apart 1

Sunshine, Sea And The Sandman
Popular Misconceptions About Communicable Diseases
The Slider
Run Logan
Alternate Unworlds Apart 3
Art In North America - A Tonic For New York City
Beneath The Planet Dimensional
Is There Anybody There? - Temporal Lobe Mix
Run Silently
Self Love As Self Harm
A Delicacy A Nuance
Alternate Unworlds Apart 2

The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid is a collection of studio out-takes, remixes, deleted obscurities and compilation appearances recorded between 1999 and 2010. Limited to 500. CDs housed in individual card sleeves. Includes a 4 page insert with the track-listing.


All Music
Is there such a thing as too much Andrew Liles? Not if the folks at Dirtier Promotions have anything to say about it. Liles is a musical polymath, multi-instrumentalist, and electro-acoustic sound artist who has long been associated with both Nurse with Wound and Current 93. That said, his work has also appeared on dozens of recordings by artists as diverse as Sol Invictus, Danielle Dax, Edward Ka-Spel, Rose McDowall, Faust, Daniel Menche, Bass Communion, and many more more. He’s issued many full-length recordings of his own and has appeared on numerous compilations. It is the latter that concerns this limited-edition (500 copies) six-disc set in a beautifully lurid deluxe package that is certain, by its very appearance, to make cover-art fetishists drool. Each disc — packaged in its own wonderfully grotesque sleeve — clocks in at over an hour. The box includes not only every single Liles compilation appearance to date, but hours of unreleased material, rare and out-of-print recordings, studio outtakes, and alternative versions of album and 12″ tracks. Some of these include the extended version of “Lovesong 1-10”, “Skobniki (Zavo Mix),” the original mix of “The Mind Is an Engine,” “Yet from Another Planet & Not of This Earth,” and much more. Given how alternately engaging, confounding, humorous, and infuriating this set is, we can only conclude that there is no such thing as too much Liles. The real question is, why isn’t there more? We’ll be anxiously awaiting his complete works.
Thom Jurek