Life is an Empty Place

Andrew Liles

Life is an Empty Place

Year: 2015
Label: Norton North (OPIUM MMXIV-VI)
Format: LP (Gold vinyl) / LP (Black vinyl) / DVDR / Limited Edition Cassette

Life is an Empty Place


Black vinyl. Edition of 100 copies. Gold vinyl. Edition of 400 copies. DVDR. Edition of 20 copies. Cassette. Edition of 100 copies.

This 8 track album concerns itself with drum machines and machine guns and is an excursion into complex sequences, contorted rhythms, vocoders and digital and analog synthesizers.

Front cover art by Babs Santini.

Issued in a deluxe gate fold sleeve with an edition of 100 pressed on black vinyl and 400 on gold vinyl.

There was also a VERY limited version of this album on DVDR. This item was released in an edition of 20 copies that were signed, numbered and enclosed in a rubber stamped sleeve. The audio is slightly different to the LP version.

The film has been ‘remixed’ and adapted by Liles from ‘Basingstoke Building Developments – 1969’, an archival film about building construction in the new town. It was sourced from Wessex Film and Sound Archive and is used with permission.

I was born in 1969 in Basingstoke and much of the film’s locations are around where I lived and played as a child. Locations that are very familiar, my infant school, sprawling council estates, shops and pubs. For me, this grainy, distorted, blurred film evokes grainy, distorted, blurred memories. 

A slightly altered mix of this release was issued on cassette in an edition of 100 copies in 2016.