A Topography of Lucid Confusion

Nurse With Wound / irr. app. (ext)

A Topography of Lucid Confusion

Year: 2023
Label: United Dairies (UDCD417)
Format: Double CD

After This
Brutal, Straight, Monotonous, Ugly
The Way The Moon Eats The Clouds
Whatever You Feel Like
Drunked With The Old Man Of The Mountain
Chlorine Maria Celeste
Cupboard’s Non-Linear Pastorale
I Am The Poison-ish (Rehearsal)
Submerged, Un-Submerged
A Subsidence In Possibilities Precipitated By The Peroration If A South Facing Markhor
Slippery Jam (Rehearsal)
1959, The Observatory

Bei Mir Bist Du Schadenfreude
Schall Und Rauch

Deluxe 2CD edition collecting expanded & remastered versions of the ‘Dark Drippings’ and ‘A Darker Shade Of Fat’ releases, two projects assembled by M. S. Waldron using his archive of NWW live recordings.

The former is mainly a collection of unusual live excerpts and rehearsal outtakes, while the latter uses the live recordings as raw material to create new tracks. 12 minutes of new material has been integrated into ‘Dark Fat’, and an entire, new 20-minute track has been added to ‘A Darker Shade Of Fat’.

Stunning new collage art from Babs Santini on the outside, with the original album covers by M. S. Waldron on the inside.