M – The Thirteenth Letter


M – The Thirteenth Letter

Year: 2013
Label: WMFU (No Cat. Number)
Format: CD

Mocata – Ecco Babalon
Moth Magnet – Bakers Dozen
Max – Mother
Marmaduke Featherstonehaugh – Malignant Phantasms
Maids Of The Marsh – We Thought It Would Be OK But The Wind Changed
Millimeter – Poppy Line To Kabul (Das Musstest Du Mal Meinen Eltern Erklären)
Mitosi Militari – Roma Nero
The Materializmum & Posts – Glued Jazz
Moreru – Moreruzo
Meniscus Man – Diagonal Mecha-Toucan Stampede '92
Matta Slum – Aerial Ghetto
Marijn – Meltdown
Mumpitz – Oller Blogger Rü
Magneten – Mallets
Mostell – Mam
Madom Syömät Perunat – Mikä Ihme
Mortell Brince – Rose Mary Got Here Too: Contemporary Political Speech With The Words Edited Out So You Can Hear What Lies Between Them Better (Excerpt)
Magma Trakt – Zakrivljenje Opne

Fundraiser CD for WMFU compiled by Daniel Blumin.

The following text is from WMFU.

‘The Thirteenth Letter
Meniscus Man, Machiavelli’s Forklift, Maids of the Marsh?

Imaginary bands one and all, but perhaps not for long!

In the year 2013, some intrepid members of Blumin’s Honorary Letter Preservation Outernational set out to celebrate the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet. Inspired by “M” (Fritz Lang’s or Robin Scott’s, but most likely neither), each artist heeded the call to form a one-time project that starts with the visionary letter. As with the last two premiums, all tracks are exclusive to this compilation!

Who’s onboard this time? The choice morsels may or may not originate with an all-star cast of Wishbone Ash, Schneider TM, Dollops of Velcro, Andrew Liles, Caspian Curlicues, Matmos, Melancholy Flowerpot, Machinefabriek, Irene Moon, Geranium Warfare, Sudden Infant, and a magnificent multitude of others!

A few contributors’ identities will be revealed during the fundraising marathon in March, but those receiving the premium will be provided with all the creators’ true identities. M-tastic!’