Black Out

Andrew Liles

Black Out

Year: 2007
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records (MT132)
Format: CD

Religion: A Valiant Attempt at Rationale
Do the Hooter: Vergeet-mij-niet
Glow-worms Slowworms
Born to Bloom
Going Bald the Wrong Way
Gone Before Adolescence
Dagslapen is Dagtruste
Drug Train
Tempo Doeloe
Hay Barn
Piggy Faced Long Snout
Iron Lung - Glass Bones (Version)
Vladimir Poezin
Learning to Fly
Tea Tree (Part One)
An Exclusive Kind of Loneliness
The Last Laugh

Forming part eight of ‘The Vortex Vault’.

Extra special thanks to Freek and Miranda Kinkelaar who supplied all voices small and large, plastic and wooden, seen and unseen, heard and unhurt throughout this recording.

‘Moog elk bloem der aard vergaan, de vrucht des levens rijpt zich eraan’.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies plus 100 numbered and signed copies available from Andrew Liles. Gatefold sleeve made with 24 point cardstock, with an insert, a coupon and a black Obi Strip around the CD.

The Vortex Vault was originally released as a collection of 12 CDs. The discs came out on the first of every month from December 2006 through to November 2007. The entire collection is available at the Andrew Liles download site.


Bizarre Magazine
Consisting of 12 individually released CDs, this is, in part, a collection of unreleased material from one of the UK’s finest electronic experimentalists’ studio archives. A collaborator with similar sound envelope-pushers such as Nurse With Wound and The Hafler Trio, Liles’ music mixes minimalist drones with antique instrumentation and natural noise for a sonically surreal sound. This is dark ambience in its most eclectic form – sublime, sinister and visually spectacular.
By Billy Chainsaw