Incommensurable Magnitudes – The Oblivion Party Box

Эндрью Лайлз

Incommensurable Magnitudes – The Oblivion Party Box

Year: 2013
Label: Pipkin (CDR025)
Format: 25 CDR box set.

Hour Two
Hour Three
Hour Four
Hour Five
Hour Six
Hour Seven
Hour Eight
Hour Nine
10:00 Am
The Eleventh Hour
Post Meridiem
Thirteen Hundred Hours
Fourteen Hundred Hours
Fifteen Hundred Hours
Tea Break
Sixteen Hundred Hours
Seventeen Hundred Hours
Eighteen Hundred Hours
Nineteen Hundred Hours
Up The Wooden Hill
Disc XXV

‘Incommensurable Magnitudes (СУМЕРЕЧНОЕ СОСТОЯНИЕ СОЗНАНИЯ)’ is composed of 25 discs each 59 minutes in length plus 2 bonus tracks of 12 minutes totalling 25 hours in length.

The reason for ‘Incommensurable Magnitudes’ coming into being is a further extension of my musical research and philosophical musings on concepts of time, already supported and theorised with my ‘…Through Time’ quartet of releases. These notions are my own and are NOT based on any intellectual ‘reason’, academic discipline or mathematical ‘truth’. They are personal experiments with sound, sonic structures and clichés that (for me) represent ideas about time travel, memory, illusions of time, astral travel, oblivion, OOBE, nostalgia, death, space travel, science fiction, science fact, marine biology, delirium, human anatomy, non-existence, sleep, hallucinations, suspended animation, hibernation, black holes, dark matter, vacuums, anti-matter, eternity, infinity and…. beyond.

Box with diamante rosette
25 black CDRs stored in glossy clam shells
4 glass orbs
1 party balloon
Signed & numbered celebration note in envelope
Business card
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The oblivion party box set has no text, no titles, no information and everything inside and outside is black. It also includes an exclusive hour long CDR. Limited to 20 handmade copies.