Ninki Nanka, Yumboes & Monsters

Andrew Liles

Ninki Nanka, Yumboes & Monsters

Year: 2012
Label: Dirter (DPROMCD 42)
Format: CD

Mbwiri (Dub)
Akazu Hyena Butter (Dub)
Qandisa (Dub)
Ogboju Ode Ninu Lgbo Irunmale (Dub)

In 2008 I heard that Andrew W.K. was producing an album by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. I knew Andrew through his contributions both live and in the studio with Current 93. So being a fan of ‘Scratch’ I pleaded to be sent the multi-tracks so that I could make my own ‘dub’ mix purely for my own entertainment. I ditched all the existing music and recorded my own then added Mr. Perry’s voice. I sent the results back to Andrew who seemed to like them at the time and there was some talk of releasing the mix some day, alas that day never arrived. Roll on 4 years and I remixed those remixes, removed any sign of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry (due to legal reasons) and added a further 3 ‘dub’ mixes to an album called ‘Ninki Nanka, Yumboes & Monsters’.

Vocals by Maude Swift and Steve Pittis.