Reversing Through Time (Illusion Three)

Andrew Liles

Reversing Through Time (Illusion Three)

Year: 2013
Label: Ultra-Mail Prod. ‎ (U.M.P. 018)
Format: CD Art Edition of 50 copies / CD Standard Edition

Lost Loss
Three Black Cats
Futures Unexplored
Everlasting Love (Tightly Embraced)
Contact (Theatre Of Dreams)
Hold My Hand (Scratch My Face, Break My Heart)
A Poet Amongst Junkies (A Late Summer's Pastoral Scene)
Navigate Three Decades
Otto's Arrival

Postcard 5. Postcard 6.

Part three of ‘THROUGH TIME’ set of releases.

The ‘Through Time’ series are a set of recordings based on concepts around the concept of time, the passage of time, time travel and also in part on the ideas of John von Neumann, specifically his ideas on the self-reproducing universal constructor and his lecture ‘The General and Logical Theory of Automata’. More about von Neumann can be read here:

Also released as a limited, “Art Edition” of 50 copies.
Packaged in gatefold, hard-bound, foil embossed sleeve with signed – framed photo and 2 postcards.

Both the standard and limited editions contained 2 postcards.