Somnambulance to Dream General

Andrew Liles

Somnambulance to Dream General

Year: 2008
Label: Klanggalerie (GG109)
Format: CD

A Little Chittagonian Lascar Barefoot and Starving
Another Journey
As and When
A Simple Piano
Not for the Price of a Hat
Soap Stone Sugar Rocks (A Dumb Admirer of Genius)
Waste Disposal Chute to the Afterlife (Reversal Changed)
Jamais Vu or Ugly People in Love
Rattle Snake Boots with Crocodile Epaulets
Benedict XV (1914-22)
On our Way
Unsanitary Conditions
The Bombardier Sings (A Norwegian in Poland)
The Mind as an Engine That Hitherto
Ceases to Function Correctly - Remix
Zyphon goes to Bo Bo
You should have told me first
Somnambulance to Dream General
It is now 1974
Choose the Speaker
Rock & Roll

‘Somnambulance to Dream General’ was originally compiled for an excursion to the USA in June 2006 and was initially released as ‘Tubercular Bells (Somnambulance To Dream General)’ in an edition of 100 CDRs with rubber stamped covers in two different designs.

It was later released as a CD on Klanggalerie as GG109 with 3 extra tracks in 2008.