Care in the Community

Andrew Liles / Lux Lyall & Andy Votel

Care in the Community

Year: 2022
Label: Golden Lion Sounds (GLS008)
Format: 7 Inch Splatter Vinyl / 7 Inch Black Vinyl

Andrew Liles - Care in the Community

Lux Lyall & Andy Votel - Six

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Double A side 7″ split with Lux Lyall & Andy Votel. Issued on black vinyl (250 copies) and splatter vinyl (250 copies)

The Golden Lion is one of the UK’s most excellent and unique pubs. To me it’s everything a pub should be, unpredictable, loud, surprising, eccentric, responsible and irresponsible. It is run with an anarcho-syndicalist attitude and aptitude which has supported the local community and international artists since 2015.

During and post pandemic I have happily given my mastering services to their label, Golden Lion Sounds, a label set up to help the staff and the pub to stay in business. This is my contribution to their ever growing and diverse catalogue.