Dark Drippings

Nurse With Wound

Dark Drippings

Year: 2016
Label: Errata In Excelsis (eiextr001)
Format: CDR

After This
Brutal, Straight, Monotonous, Ugly
The Way The Moon Eats The Clouds
Whatever You Feel Like
Like A Train In The Night
Drunked With The Old Man Of The Mountain
Chlorine Marie Celeste
Cupboardie's Non-Linear Pastorale
I Am The Poison-ish (Rehearsal)
Submerged, Un-Submerged
A Subsidence In Possibilities Precipitated By The Peroration Of A South-Faced Markhor
Slippery Jam (Rehearsal)
"1959, The Observatory"

Back cover and disc.

Recorded, scrubbed, constructed and mastered by M S Waldron, using Nurse With Wound performances & soundchecks taking place between March 2006 and March 2014.

Released in a hand-numbered edition of 85 copies.

The first 35 copies were sold together with Nurse With Wound – Dark Fat . These copies were hand-numbered 1-35 in gold pen.
The remaining 50 copies were sold as single discs and were hand-numbered 36-85 in silver.
5  ‘Artists copies’ signed in gold to ‘Senor Hockey Stick’ were given to Andrew Liles.