DEAF 7 2008


DEAF 7 2008

Year: 2008
Label: Dublin Electronic Arts Festival ‎ (DEAF2)
Format: 2 X CD

Fovea Hex – While You’re Away
Sunken Foal – Without Any Thought
Legion Of Two – Palace Dub (Demo/Edit)
The Parks Service – Cars'N'Boys
Roger Doyle – Extract From The Ninth Set - Sector 2
Electronics – Roger Doyle
Alan Lambert – Qisuk: Death Of The Eskimo Elder
Sunil Sharpe – Brick Shiver
Strng Mchn – Impromptu (Live Edit)
Gareth Flynn – March Of The Bulgars
Violetta Mahon – The King, Poto And Deauville
David Donohoe – Our Hidden Water
Pier – Mulrano
16Hz – 16 Tuns
Prince / Obeah Kong – Stamina
David Lacey / Paul Vogel – Listen To Britain (For Humphrey Jennings)
Lakker – Shard (Ruido Remixes)
Seán Óg – Hardshipped

Nurse With Wound – Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ (Bacteria Bitch Mix)
Rainfear – Quiet To A Frightened Child
Boys Of Summer – Summertime Greys (Edit)
Zelloloid – Black Sun
Rollers/Sparkers – Rapunzel
Hard Sleeper – Rain Then Red Earth
Producer – Peter Maybury
Mixile – Kalgoorlie-Eucla
Mastered By – Colin Bennun
Enda Bates – Flock (Excerpt)
Chequerboard – Penny Black
Glissen – The Eagle And The Craneman
Karl Him – Lost Track Extract
RL/VL – Always Laughing
Major Grave – Hot Now
Magnetize – Hodge Conjecture
Naphta – A Word About Violence
Softday – Softday DEAF 2008 Mix
The Last Sound – Hold And Sever
Concerned Parasites Ubh Kürka Gweena – JBM-Fostúch-He

Free promotional CD of Irish artists given away to promote the 2008 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. Packaged in gatefold, card sleeve.