Year: 2014
Label: Not on label - Self released (No Cat. Number)

3z13 - Chansone Innocentes
Ancient Inc. - Banaan Thalathun
Andrew Liles - Heartworms
Anthony Child - The Quality Of Mind And Spirit That Enables A Person To Face Difficulty And Pain Without Fear
Aural Rage - I Don't Need That Deviant Sex
Babaluma - Deep Drone 2014
Brian Conniffe - Whole Holds Chasms
Childhood - 20 Six Hundred
Christoph Heemann - Red Velvet
Concrete Field - Tintabubn
Core Shift - Live Your Dream
DeadfeeD - Degreeless Trancendancy
Developer - No Title
Drew McDowall - Live at The Silent Barn
Empathy - Synesthesia
Esperik Glare - Grief
Hoor-Paar-Kraat - Thursdays, Armed with Fennel Stalks
Human Nihil - Harsh, Stoned and White
Irr. App. (Ext.) - Asymmetrical Mammals
IrisLight - Ghosts and Memories
Fog of Dab Tsog - Lord of Solipsism
Laica - The Slow Unwind
Luke Lund - Dasatinib
Mort Douce - Neurosis (Remixed by Tactile Remix)
Mort Douce - Psychosis (Remixed by Tactile Remix)
MVNIHVD - Incinerate the Relative
MVNIHVD - Language of Wounds
Obsidian Towers - Blind Light
Obsidian Towers - Perihelion Descent
Protection - Popcycles in Bloom (Instrumental)
Recycled Cities - Refuge
Reversal - With Eyes in Their Horns
S/N Measures - Ion
Shadowranglers - MAD for Bob
Sheer Zed - Gaian Cyclone (Daughter Of Chaos)
Silverstars - Aletter Def
Subscape Annex - Cardamom Traders
THOABATH - In a Circle of Hands
Uncertain - The Starlit Mire (Nuit)
White Pee - Persistent and Clever Beastie

Found object from that fateful day in 2004. Jhonn Balance's last day on earth & Several's last public performance. Courtesy of Kelly Raeder-Several.

John Everall – 17th May 1962 – 26th September 2014

John was a musician who had been making music for many years under several guises, but most commonly as Tactile.

All funds received from this download went to pay for John’s funeral expenses.

The first time I met John was almost 10 years ago on Saturday 13th of November 2004, it was also a date (unbeknownst to us at the time) that happened to be the last day on this planet for Jhonn Balance.

We were both playing live at the ‘Burst Couch Event’ at Britons Protection in Manchester. I recall on the night of the show John told me on the way to the venue he had found a discarded badge in the street. With the passage of time the exact words on the badge have left my memory, but they were something along the lines of ‘Where is John?’. We also discussed Coil and how John created the wonderful line “There’s too much blood in my alcohol” which was borrowed from him by Jhonn Balance for the song ‘Heartworms’.

This is my cover of ‘Heartworms’, it is dedicated to John and all those I have known or know or will know who have been assaulted by the unforgiving demon they call cancer.