Baby Dee and Friends


Year: 2022
Label: Zagava (ISBN: 978-3-949341-30-4)
Format: Paperback / Numbered Edition / Art Edition

An anthology of reimagined fables with one chapter written by Andrew Liles.

We have all read Aesop’s fables many, many years ago, but did you do so recently? My friend, the incomparable Baby Dee did and found especially their morals to be just a bit on the “dusty” side. What if these universally loved fables would have been written today, what would their moral be nowadays, would they even have a moral? An idea was born and when Dee approached me with the idea to ask a wild bunch of guys and gurls to revisite and revise Aesop. A truly outrageous variety of people loved the idea and so a very unusual book took shape.

List of contributors –  Little Annie, Valeria Bianchi, Aurora Buzzetti, Giulia de Canio, Quentin S. Crisp, Dolorosa de la Cruz, Jackie Cummins, Chris Cummings, Joseph Dawson, Michel Faber, Ania Goszczyńska, Jordan Hunt, Andrew Kerton, Will Kirchner, Andrew Liles, Gregory Maguire, Dawn McCarthy, Julia Nau, Alex Neilson, Dee Norris, Mary Norris, Erin K. Orr, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Rosalie Parker, Francesca Puopolo, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Ray B. Russell, Bertram Rutz, Jane Ruvolo, Florence Sunnen, David Tibet, Iulia O. Toacaci, Christina de Vos, Anh Vu, Daniel P. Watt, J. Kathleen White and Tod Wodicka