I’ve Got Some Problems (Let Me Tell Yer)

The Martyrs of Tragedy

I’ve Got Some Problems (Let Me Tell Yer)

Year: 2019
Label: MOT RECORDS (MOT-1969 )
Format: One Sided Lathe Cut 7" - Edition of 6 copies.

I've Got Some Problems (Let Me Tell Yer)

There is nothing on this side as this is a one sided record.

In 1985 a trio of teenagers, myself, Alex Pergusey and Nathan Haynes, formed a band. We were, and will always be, ‘The Martyrs of Tragedy’.

This is a bedroom recording of 3 teenagers making an excitable yet inept racket of punky, sweary noise.

To commemorate my lifelong friendship and our fiftieth birthdays, I had 6 lathe cuts made, 1 for each of us, the other 3 being available for ONLY THE MOST ARDENT collectors of Liles related releases.

It’s a personal, private pressing of nostalgia and a celebration of teenage naivete, its broader artistic merit being dubious yet debatable.

If you are interested in this record be sure to listen to the track first!

One sided Lathe cut. Edition of 6.

Lathe cut by Bladud Flies!