The Glottal Allowance

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

The Glottal Allowance

Year: 2014
Label: Peripheral Conserve (PH-23)
Format: 7" + Insert + Download Code

The Glottal Allowance

The Glottal Allowance (Down Neck Mix by Andrew Liles)

Back Cover.

Jean Michel Van Schouwburg is an improvising singer from Belgium. He has developed voice/mouth/throat music and sound techniques since the nineties. In his work he uses throat singing, overtones, yodels, mouth sounds, falsettos, multiphonics and invented languages.
He has worked with flutist Adelheid Sieuw, guitar player John Russell, saxist Gianni Mimmo, composer Dario Palermo, trombonist Paul Hubweber, pianist Marjolaine Charbin, percussionist Sabu Toyozumi, Nils Gerold & Mano Kinze, Pascal Marzan, Kostas Tatsakis, Marco Loprieno, Inaudible collective and many others.

The Peripheral Conserve label is run by the filmmaker, Peter Strickland who made the film ‘Berberian Sound Studio’, which featured Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg acting as himself. The label was initially set up in 1999 to release music by The Sonic Catering Band, but in later years branched out to release records by The Bohman Brothers, The Balanescu Quartet’s Clare Connors, Xylitol, Roj and entomological recordings by Jim Reynolds and David Ragge.

More music by Jean-Michel can be found here – Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.

Side A by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, recorded by Szabolcs Puha.
Side B mixed at the Bear Den, West Yorkshire, UK.

Artwork by Kris Vanderstraeten. Layout by Jonathan Coleclough.