A Love Song (Versions 1-11)

Andrew Liles / Ruse

A Love Song (Versions 1-11)

Year: 2002
Label: Macrophonies Org. (MAC0003)
Format: 10" Pink Vinyl + Insert

Andrew Liles – Love Song (1-11)

Ruse – Radar

Insert and vinyl. Back cover.

Split 10″ between Andrew Liles and Ruse.

The Liles side is based on an ‘erotic’ theme. Limited to 200 copies on solid pink vinyl with full colour, numbered insert, in an edition of 200. Originally envisioned as a series of 10 split 10″s, this idea was later abandoned.


Vital Weekly
…and again there is music by Andrew Liles. This is, I believe, his first release on vinyl, pink coloured. I think it fits the idea of the ‘love songs’ Liles produced here. Andrew Liles continues his explorations with computer treated sound, like on his previous CD ‘An Un World’, with it’s nice combinations of ambient and musique concrete. However I must admit that the addition of girls having sex and the sounds they make, probably lifted from porn soundtracks, is something I don’t like very much. It’s done before and frankly it bores me a lot, which is a pity since the music is quite nice. I just can’t hear porn sounds anymore… The other side is by Ruse, whoever that is. His side long piece is called ‘Radar Listening’ and might be the processed sounds of longwave receivings. It’s a funny piece in that the start is the loudest and then gradually goes down in volume, so that the static of the vinyl takes over. Loops of similar sounds swirl in and out and the piece slowly develops. A very simple and effective piece of music. (FdW)

Small fish
A very intense split EP from Brighton based Macrophonies. Two textural pieces which utilise dark, heavy sounds intermingled with minimalistic soundscapes and manipulated, twisted found sounds. Both sides bear repeated listening and the more you do the more you get out of it. Excellent. Oh, and it’s on Pink Vinyl. Nice.

Abstract soundscapes and atonal static transmissions… A rare and wonderful release. Recommended.

Rioux’s Records
…very disturbing, emotional & stirring.