Miscellany – Lussuoso (Electronics: 1990 to 2015)

Andrew Liles

Miscellany – Lussuoso (Electronics: 1990 to 2015)

Year: 2015
Label: Jnana (Jnana 002)
Format: 3 x CD housed in deluxe digipack.

Life is an Empty Place (2nd Life Mix)
Touch, But Never Enough
I've Seen the Future
Weasel (IV)
O' Me O' My
Brain Oscillator Circuits
Son of Samantha
Tutty Pipkin's Under Mummy Disco
The Sensorium Podulum Capsule
Clog Blockers (Heavy Flow)
6 and 2 and 3 and 4
Look at Yourself, Shambles
Sticky Tissue Funk
Stench of Boy Sick
Hoe Land Insecurity

God iOS Dead
Astral Telex Machine
Pudding Pot Ticklers
Siwa Shigellosis
Tutty Pipkin's Sunshine Saunter
Caught in the Inbetween
Tennessee Top Hat
Tutty Pipkin's Boom Sharoom
A Hiding Place for Wank Mag
I Don't Belong Here
Time Chamber (II)
Coconut Matting
Very Controlled Panic
Active Ingredients
Exploitation and Victimisation

Extramundane Monotonics
Was Telepathic
Biomorphic Sinews
Applied Psychotronics
Tutty Pipkin's Wry Smiles with Liles
What Goes Around
It's a Cold World
'Kin 'Ed Kicked In
Diodes (III)
Male Impotence
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
Accumulated Errors
E177QQ (Chequers Mix)
Crumble Jumbaleen
The Tall Cube
Push Button Daisy

This 3 x CD album is a 3 hour anthology of 52 previously unreleased ‘electronica’ and ambient soundscapes from the last  25 years, 1990 – 2015. The album is a mature blend of brand new material, up-dated and adapted pieces and raw, untouched and unadulterated tracks from yesteryear. Released in a deluxe 8 panel fold-out digipack.

‘Miscellany – Lussuoso’ is the 3rd release in the ‘Miscellany’ archive series, the first being the 13 CDR box set ‘Miscellany – Deluxe’ and the second being the 3 L.P. box set ‘Miscellany Deluxe (Souvenirs Perdus d’Antan)’.

It’s been an incredibly enjoyable experience putting together this 3 disc anthology. I can remember where and when each and every one of these recordings were made. A lot of the tracks were made using a SH101, Alesis MMT-8, Akai X7000 sampler and Tascam four track tape machine, all second-hand, and even at the time fairly primitive technology. One of the earliest tracks was made at a studio in North London, they used what must of been the earliest version of Cubase, at the time it was the height of sophistication.
The majority of the tracks were made in the early 90’s in London, an era when I was listening to a lot of music from the emerging ‘ambient’ and electronica scenes. At that point I had a part time job, I worked on the till. Through various means of ‘creative accounting’ the job afforded me to buy at least one new record every lunch break. I worked near Wardour street and went shopping everyday. I bought everything that came out on Warp, Rephlex, R&S, Apollo and an assortment of other labels. These records in part influenced what I was creating at the time.
There is no chronological pattern to the running order of the discs, it’s up to you to ponder when they were recorded. Some tracks sound a lot older than they actually are, and others more contemporary than the year in which they were originally recorded.


… Andrew Liles’ consistently unpredictable output was dominated in 2015 by this dazzling three-hour celebration of diverse electronic works dating back a quarter of a century. As the name implies, Miscellany is a veritable hotchpotch, one with a distinct leaning toward the more raw end of electronics. But this is merely the basis for a kaleidoscope of works encompassing radiophonic mayhem, intense beat-driven numbers overlaid with John Carpenter-esque basslines and/or Wendy Carlos-esque baroque twiddling, expansive ambient vistas and delicate, multi-layered bits of melodic tracery. It all makes for an entirely bewildering yet mesmerising experience.