Monochromatic: Vol. 4

Andrew Liles

Monochromatic: Vol. 4

Year: 2017
Label: Pipkin (CDR023)
Format: CDR

I Am No Laughing Matter
The Queen Is Dead - Long Live The Republic
Cavallo - A Backstreet In Sienna Where Pomodoro Is Not Potato
Thinking Of Possible Futures
Cheval - A Backstreet In Paris Where Tartare Is Not Aioli-Based Sauce
That's Allora
Building Over Water
Mal Di Denti
Return To Un World
Spirited Away

It is 20 years since my first CDR RC and 10 years since the 12 disc series THE VORTEX VAULT were released. Monochromatic celebrates my industrious D.I.Y attitude of yesteryear and embraces the aesthetics of THE VORTEX VAULT series by being a platform in which to release wildly diverse music quickly and impulsively. Monochromatic releases will be issued randomly, sometimes in multiples and sometimes individually. There has been no target set to the amount of releases in the series, it could end suddenly or continue indefinitely.

All discs are professionally pressed CDRs in an edition of 100. They come in a clam-shell with a signed business card.

Everything is Black and White… but sometimes grey… with a little colour.