Nurse With Wound / Band of Pain


Year: 2016
Label: Dirter (DPROMEP124)
Format: 10" Orange Vinyl

Noinge (Parts 1 and 2)

Gloakid with Phendrabites

This record is the first collaboration between Nurse With Wound and Band Of Pain. Each artist has used the other’s music as source material to create a sumptuous feast for all discerning and adventurous audio palettes.

There is no Side “B”, thus we have side A and Side 1.

The Band Of Pain side exclusively uses material from the NWW album “A Sucked Orange”. It has been processed like a high street burger, with little meat of the original left. The result is a superb piece of Musique Concrète that sounds like it belongs in another century and another universe.

The Nurse With Wound side uses various Band Of Pain pieces that are battered and deep-fried beyond recognition. The results were sprinkled with an array of exotic spices, additional sauce and chemically enhanced additives. The final outcome is a dense, creamy, rich slice of vintage Nurse With Wound… with a twist.

Released on 16th April 2016 for Record Store Day.


The first side is the sound of the playful Band Of Pain remixing Nurse With Wound‘s A Sucked Orange in a game of arrant right-angles and ink-splattered goodness where the original source material is utterly fucked over in malfunctioning attention deficits that splutter like a cyborg cat with a data hairball.

On the flipside, the Nurse With Wound collective transforms various Band Of Pain pieces into a cankerous cornucopia of chiseled pneumatics and fisted scudder. All musical matrimony rendered obsolete, spasm-choked in stubby abstractions. Vocals are credited on the liner notes, but you’d be hard pushed to find any discernible words in all this, maybe a bit of stuttering Max Headroom here and there, vowels rendered as percussive nightmare. Then there’s the raucous shifts in volume that rip on through, that psychically haunt the entertainment in troubling anomalies.
A classic bit of head-scratching brilliance.