Other Worlds Other Monsters

Andrew Liles

Other Worlds Other Monsters

Year: 2018
Label: Blackest Rainbow (BRR669)
Format: Space Haze coloured vinyl LP

The Vortex Vault
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Cyberkinetics i (Welcome to Xanadu)
Digital Data Overload
Interstellar Magick
Cyberkinetics ii (The Small Print)
Twinkle Toes
Cosmonauts! Hail! Satan!
The 2.45 Billion Pound Deficit Man
The Third Mind

Syntrilium Xenyx 329
Phototonic Blood
The Haze of Reality
Gravitational Singularity
God's Expired Patent

Graham Humphreys. Art progress 1. Graham Humphreys. Preliminary idea and layout.

A further instalment in the MONSTER series with themes, incidental music, bridging songs, interludes, zaps, zings, shooting stars and fizzing rockets created as imaginary soundtracks for imaginary Sci-Fi films. Musical interpretations on an ‘intergalactic’ theme influenced by a vast array of space-age TV shows and movies from yesteryear, aliens, androids, interplanetary travel and universes yet to be discovered. The tracks cover a vast amount of ground including austere orchestral pieces, vocoders, cheesy 80’s soundtracks, 70’s synths, bleeps and bloops and much, much more.

Narration comes from Alex Jako and Melon Liles.

The amazing front cover comes from Graham Humphreys (the revered British designer and illustrator responsible for some of the best film posters of the 1980’s including Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street and album covers for The Cramps and The Lords of the New Church).

The LP is released in an edition of 250 in UV gloss finished sleeve and pressed on ‘Space Haze’ coloured vinyl.