Én – Op. 80530 Remixes

Pál Thóth

Én – Op. 80530 Remixes

Year: 2014
Label: Peripheral Conserve (PH -21)
Format: LP + Download Code

James Cargill
Jonathan Coleclough

Colin Potter
Andrew Liles (From Where to Eternity)

Pál Tóth is a prolific musician, having let his ‘ether concerts’ stream over the airwaves through the Hungarian ‘Tilos’ radio station since the early ‘90s. His regular live performances often see him team up with other musicians and he’s appeared as a guest on several albums including Seven Transdanubian Recipes by The Sonic Catering Band and PAW Music by Quentin Rollet and Zsolt Sőrés.

This remix 12” features contributions from James Cargill (Broadcast), Andrew Liles, Colin Potter, Jonathan Coleclough and Sculpture.

The Peripheral Conserve label is run by the filmmaker, Peter Strickland who made the film ‘Berberian Sound Studio’, which featured Pál Tóth performing as a sinister foley artist. The label was initially set up in 1999 to release music by The Sonic Catering Band, but in later years branched out to release records by The Bohman Brothers, The Balanescu Quartet’s Clare Connors, Xylitol, Roj and entomological recordings by Jim Reynolds and David Ragge.