Play Wooden Child

Nodding God

Play Wooden Child

Year: 2019
Label: House of Mythology (HOM 017)
Format: Limited Edition L .P. (Pink Vinyl) / L .P. (Black Vinyl) / CD

Trapezoid Haunting
Natron Skipping Rope
Xanthosis Sabbat Clock
Antimony Moon Fangs
Calcination Totem Station
Salamander Candy
Geometric Magus Breath

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NODDING GOD were formed 666 years ago by Andrew Liles, David Tibet and The UnderAge Shaitan-Boy in a Boys-Only preparatory boarding school in Babylon, since shut down by unfortunate events that took place there, in the night, in the dark.

Sung 93% in Akkadian by David, who has studied this language for many years, this New Baby God Who Nods—a Nodding God, a Godding Nod—WOODEN CHILD is powered by Stars and Cuneiform and Pop and Drop and One Thousand Liles In One Thousand Axes.

The vinyl pressing comes as 180-gram vinyl (400 pink, 600 black) with matte varnish sleeve, printed inner bags and a protective PVC outer sleeve.