Schiphorst 2008

Nurse With Wound

Schiphorst 2008

Year: 2009
Label: Salamanda (SALAMANDA1)
Format: Double CD

Faust - Pure Joy Opus 1
Faust - Firework Lovesong For Lilli-Sau
Faust - Es Ist Mir Kalt
Faust - Improvisation
Faust - Two Painters Painting -(Painting [Paintbrush & Canvas] – Geraldine Swayne, Steven Stapleton)
Faust - Ich Habe Mich Entschieden
Faust - Lass Mich

Faust - Nobody Knows If It Ever Happened
Faust – Shempal Buddha
Faust – Giggy Smile
Faust – Krautrock
Faust – Grand Cirque Par Temps Pluvieux
Nurse With Wound – Rock and Roll Session

Recorded at Avantgarde Festival 4th July 2008 (Nurse With Wound) and 5th July 2008 (Faust), Schiphorst, Germany