Subject to no one – 1 G.B. Edition

Andrew Liles

Subject to no one – 1 G.B. Edition

Year: 2019
Label: Pipkin (G.B.1)

The Queen's Speech
The Queen is Dead
Long Live the Queen
Unruly Britannia
Nationalistic Simpleton (Sent directly to purchasers as high res file)

Nationalistic Simpleton IFF File
Nationalistic Simpleton MP3 FIle
Nationalistic Simpleton 8 bit File

This special edition of SUBJECT TO NO ONE comes in a Union Jack tin which includes the following –

A rubber stamped signed and dated visa to enter ‘Liles Republic’. The paper used for the ‘visa’ is from a genuine British passport.

One Union Jack flag.

2 Patriotic cocktail sticks to use for ‘tea on the lawn’.

One Union Jack lighter with which to burn your flag.

One 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Magicgate.

This format was chosen because it is largely redundant and is mostly incompatible with most SD readers. The memory stick includes ‘Nationalistic Simpleton’ that will not be available for download.

On the memory stick are 3 versions of ‘Nationalistic┬áSimpleton’. In keeping with the overall ‘concept’ of this release they are ‘modern’ yet redundant and corrupt formats.

The 2 versions are in the following formats –

Amiga IFF-8SVX (IFF format).
This version has completely corrupted the original file making it half the length.

8-Bit Signed (Sam format).

8-Bit MP3 converted to 6000HZ then back 16bit. (MP3 format).

‘Nationalistic Simpleton’ is 67 minutes long – representing the 67 years of Queen Elizabeth II reign. All purchasers will be sent a WeTransfer link to download the track in high res 48000 Sample Rate and 32-Bit Depth.

To unlock the other formats on the memory stick, well, that’s for you to unravel for yourselves.

Edition of 10 copies, 9 of which were for sale.