The Light Left You Quite

Current 93

The Light Left You Quite

Year: 2023
Label: Cashen's Gap (DOAR XI)
Format: LP (Transparent sepia coloured vinyl)

The Birds Are Sweetly Singing
The Policeman Is Dead
Bright Dead Star
30 Red Houses
A Thousand Witches

Your Future Cartoon
The Postman Is Singing
The Bench And The Fetch
The Kettle's On
Fair Weather
The Milkmaid Sings

A ReLighted mix of The Light Has Left You All.

New cross-fades between the tracks, a different beginning, a different ending, and a total reversal of the stereo channels.

Inserted into a Risograph printed brown-paper-bag sleeve, with artwork by David Tibet. Transparent sepia coloured vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.