Food Science

The Sonic Catering Band

Food Science

Year: 2012
Label: Peripheral Conserve (PH -16)
Format: CD

HDL – Colin Fletcher, Peter Strickland
IDL – Jonathan Coleclough
LDL – Colin Fletcher, Peter Strickland
VLDL – Tim Kirby
HMG-CoA – Pál Tóth (én)
HM74A – Colin Potter
HDL-ApoAI (Pie-O-My) – Andrew Liles

Limited edition of 250 copies. Packaged in clear jewel case with 4 page booklet.

The Peripheral Conserve label is run by the filmmaker, Peter Strickland who made the film ‘Berberian Sound Studio’. The label was initially set up in 1999 to release music by The Sonic Catering Band, but in later years branched out to release records by The Bohman Brothers, The Balanescu Quartet’s Clare Connors, Xylitol, Roj and entomological recordings by Jim Reynolds and David Ragge.