The Swinging Reflective II

Nurse With Wound

The Swinging Reflective II

Year: 2017
Label: Dirter Promotions (DPROMDCD134)
Format: Double CD

Rock n’ Roll Station - Colin Potter
Disconnected - Faust
Electric Smudge - Freida Abtan
The Squarewarp Paradox - Graham Bowers
Easy Listening Nightmares - David Kenny
Gloakid With Phendrabites - Band of Pain
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ - Andrew Liles
Painting with Priests - Christoph Heemann

Tidal Whirlpool - Aranos
Ash on the Trees (Slices of midnight) - Sunn O)))
Livin’ with the Night - Lynn Jackson
May Rain (Chromanatron) - Sand
Rock Baby Rock - Larson/Fritz Müller
Cabbalism III - Blind Cave Salamander

This double CD is the follow up to 1999’s The Swinging Reflective album.

This release features an array of Steven Stapleton’s favourite releases that are either his remixes of other artists, collaborations or have been co-written with individuals who have worked extensively with NWW.

All tracks are remastered and some have been slightly or comprehensively remixed.