Andrew Liles


Year: 2021
Label: Pipkin
Format: Download

O=[N+]([O-])c2oc(/C=N/N1C(=O)NC(=O)C1)cc2 10:35
Dirtier and Dirtier (For Sir Pittis)
Arpeggio #7 (Reconstituted)
Våt Brød
Piano Variant #4
Vote With A Knife
A Momentary Flurry Of Optimism
Dreams So Real

Download only release.

This release is a collection of abandoned sketches, forgotten ideas and conceptually incoherent tracks that didn’t quite fit into the overall aesthetic of other projects.

It should be considered as a patchwork compilation of embryonic beginnings, false starts and premature endings.

Many thanks to M. S. Waldron who inadvertently lent his (very manipulated) voice to O=[N+]([O-])c2oc(/C=N/N1C(=O)NC(=O)C1)cc2